For all things related to your PURCHASES, PAYMENT METHODS, INVOICES, etc.:

Here is a link to our CUSTOMER HUB.

There you could do the following quickly & easily yourself:

  • update your information
  • cancel your EDGE membership or free trial (sniff!)
  • review purchases 
  • see your invoices
  • review current, completed, and cancelled subscriptions

For updating your personal/billing information: that's the "UPDATE MY INFO" button at the top right.

Please click that, then edit/update your card details and then hit UPDATE.

And lastly click SAVE CHANGES.

Doing this will then send the updated payment details to the payment processor. And that should do the trick!

If your JazzHeaven EDGE membership has been automatically deactivated because your payment didn't go through:

it will be automatically RE-ACTIVATED as soon as the payment goes through!


If PAYPAL: will automatically try the next day, then day 3 & day 5

If REGULAR CREDIT CARD:  similar to PayPal

So..., this may take a moment.

But: you will get an email notification from us as soon as the payment went through successfully - so you can access THE GOODS again as soon as possible! :)

Please open a support ticket if you have any questions.

PS: If you simply wanna change YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS in our system: you can do that at the BOTTOM of every one of our emails.

The link that says: 

To update (change) your email: click here