I tried to log on & restore my purchases on your APP, but it failed to recognize my name & password. What gives?


First of all: this could mean a few different things:

If you mean restoring purchases in the APP which you previously made on JAZZHEAVEN.COM, correct:

That would unfortunately not work.
It's unfortunately NOT possible to honor/"transfer this over" to the APP version - see explanation for that here:

If you are talking about something other than the above:

EXAMPLE: if you bought PRODUCT XYZ on IPHONE and now also want to watch it on your IPAD (using the same APPLE ID):

that's no problem and should then also show up on the 2nd device.

IMPORTANT: we have several apps in there - so you MUST download/use the app that you purchased with!

=> our different apps have the SAME videos available for purchase inside the app. 
=> BUT: the APP TITLES will be different.

One geared towards GUITAR players, another for PIANO players, etc. 
and the MAIN JazzHeaven app will NOT have any instrument-specific title.
The main JazzHeaven app in the APPLE APP STORE has the following title: "Jazz Licks Technique Harmony Improvisation Lessons" 

The main JazzHeaven app in the GOOGLE PLAY STORE has the following title: "Jazz Improvisation Lessons" 

===>>> Again, you MUST access your product in the JazzHeaven app that you purchased in! 

Otherwise your product will not show... 
=> TIP: check your EMAIL RECEIPT for the app title of your purchase (e.g. "Jazz Guitar Lessons") 
- then download & use the JazzHeaven app with that EXACT TITLE!)

If the RESTORE PURCHASES button at the bottom does NOT do the trick: you could just "act as if" you want to buy the SAME product AGAIN.

YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED TWICE! No worries. :) Just click as if you want to "buy" the video again!

Apple/Google would then realize you ALREADY bought it - and point this out to you - and you would NOT be charged a second time and could just access the product.
IMPORTANT: you must do this in the SAME JazzHeaven app you initially used for your purchase! (See info further above on this.)
=> If you try to "purchase the same product again" in ANOTHER one of our apps: it then WILL charge you twice.

(Since you then bought a 2 products in TWO different apps...)

If this happens, you can get a REFUND:
APPLE APP STORE: you must contact APPLE directly. See HOW-TO LINK. We can unfortunately NOT initiate that refund on our end.
GOOGLE PLAY STORE: for the first 2 hours: you can do it yourself: HOW-TO LINK. After that: contact us, and we can initiate the refund. No problem.

Lastly: if you are talking about the 12-MONTH ACCESS version for the APP:

In order to manage the access permissions for that, the APP will ask you create an ADDITIONAL username/password for that.

(Which is NOT your Apple ID & Password!!) And there is a help link, in case you should not remember that one...)