Since the APP stuff is all processed through APPLE'S (and Android's/Google's) technologies and payment systems: it's unfortunately not possible to have such a thing as giving you the APP version of a video for FREE or at an "upgrade special" or discount - even if you bought the same video on our JAZZHEAVEN.COM website already (as a DVD or online-video version). :(

This is something we happily do internally with products bought directly on - as you probably noticed. (Example: Upgrade special from online to DVD version, or other way around.)

Then again: the content on the APP version is 100% the same information as on the DVD & our ONLINE version.
So, the APP version does NOT contain "new information"... = you are not missing anything in that sense, if you already bought it on

Side note: we now offer a LIFETIME online versions on our own site as well!
(Still no downloads for those, though - too easy to "redistribute" the video files... Can't make that that blatantly easy...^&*()
And for those who bought other versions on our site: you *will* get an email then, with a fair upgrade special to the LIFETIME online version on our own website!

Thanks for understanding!