99% of the time, when you think your login info does not work, the following provides the solution:

Carefully copy & paste your login info.

This way you avoid typos. (Also, be careful not to copy any extra spaces!)

NOTE: It is CAsE-sensITive! (Use it exactly as in the email you received with it.)

So, again, please copy & paste it from the email with the access/login info you received.

And be careful to not copy any EXTRA SPACES.

(=> To change your existing password or if you can't remember your password: CLICK HERE.)

Also, after logging in, make sure to click on "MY COURSES."

This will show all the correct versions of the courses you have access to!

Lastly, re the 24-hour online version access: it actually only expires at 11:30pm EST (NYC time) of the day FOLLOWING your purchase.

Obviously, later than that, the login info will no longer work.