We very carefully tested our setups for MONTHS before going live.

And we are basically using the most powerful video hosting solution out there - the exact same one that AMAZON.COM is using for all their stuff (incl. their Instant-Video Delivery): Amazon's Cloudfront - with servers in many places over the world - that automatically look for the CLOSEST location to YOU, and streaming the video from there.

But, streaming videos online depends on a LOT of factors, incl. quite a few that are completely outside of our control:
your internet connection, how many other browser tabs/other applications/downloads you have running, etc.

IMPORTANT: Please carefully go through the CHECKLIST below BEFORE contacting us.
There really is a serious 99% chance that following ALL the steps below WILL resolve your issue. Really. ;)

Below are any & all issues - and the SOLUTIONS - we encountered in running JazzHeaven.com since January 2012.

(=> And, frankly, after contacting us, we would basically ask you to follow the EXACT same steps we just lined out for you right here on this page.)

1. If you are on a LAPTOP or DESKTOP computer, you need the latest Adobe Flash Player. (It’s free.) And you need to enable it.
Check and get it HERE. (Incl. step-by-step instructions for EVERY browser!)


FIREFOX BROWSER (recommended - get it here)
* if needed, enable the Flash Player (INSTRUCTIONS HERE)

– using Firefox, go to http://jazzheaven.com

– To the left of the web address, click the black/grey "little box"

– allow ADOBE FLASH to be used on http://jazzheaven.com

– Reload the page

CHROME BROWSER – you may have to:
* make sure you have the latest Flash Player version (CHECK HERE)
* and enable the Flash Player first AND add http://jazzheaven.com as an allowed exception! 
INSTRUCTIONS HERE - necessary steps:
Click on "Always allow Flash on trusted sites" and follow the instructions - which are:
– using Chrome, go to http://jazzheaven.com
– To the left of the web address, click Lock or Info
– To the right of “Flash,” click the Arrows
– Choose “Always allow on this site”
– Reload the page

SAFARI BROWSER, you may have to:

Apple's own instructions seem currently not up-to-date...
But the following works:
* Go to Safari -> Preferences -> Websites
* click/highlight "Adobe Flash Player" at bottom left
* under "Currently Open Websites" set jazzheaven.com to "ON"
When on http://jazzheaven.com using Safari:
go to the SAFARI menu & then click on “Settings for this website…”
and make sure “Adobe Flash” is set to “ON”

* enable the Flash Player first (INSTRUCTIONS HERE)

2. Another Plan B: even when on a laptop or desktop computer: you can still use/watch the MOBILE version of our videos.
(It's a different video player - if you seem to have some kind of Adobe Flash issue and the above doesn't help: simply try watching the MOBILE version - it may do the trick!)

3. If you make your computer (or internet connection) work hard on OTHER THINGS while watching the video, chances are it will not play well.

No other up-/downloads while watching
+ no other big programs running (like iTunes, etc.)
+ decent internet connection
= happy experience watching the video! ^_^

Yes, if your roommate/wife/cat is watching a Netflix movie at the same time, or downloading some huge file at the same time,
or you are sitting at Starbucks with 20 other guys watching YouTube videos:
yup, our video will probably NOT play very well.

Makes sense, right? ;)

4. We highly recommend the FIREFOX web browser. It’s free. Get it here. That said, it’s good to have a Plan B! And that would be Google’s Chrome Browser. (Sometimes the same issue does NOT exist on another browser. Please try that, too.)

5. Make sure you clear your web browser's CACHE. And, if that doesn't help: uninstalling & re-installing your web browser has solved video issues before, too! (-> Restart your computer after you uninstall the browser.)
[Happened to me once in 5 years: I thought something is wrong with our video player...
=> When I uninstalled & re-installed FIREFOX, the video issue was GONE! ***]

Same could apply when on a MOBILE device re clearing the BROWSER'S CACHE!
Just google ""how to clear browser cache on ipad" or "how to clear browser cache on iPhone" or similar.

6. One more tip: if it's your internet connection not being strong enough:
if you have a MOBILE device like an iPad or iPhone, etc.:
our MOBILE version uses a different technology: with that, the video LOADS first, before it plays...
This means:
1) it may take a little bit longer for it to start
2) once it's loaded: it will play just fine - no matter how weak your internet connection may be!
IMPORTANT: this all works ONLY if you access the MOBILE version AND you access it from a mobile device like a smartphone or an IPAD!

7. Still Video issues after all of the above? (Incl. turning OFF iTunes & other programs/downloads and other browser tabs, and clearing your browser’s cache, and uninstalling/reinstalling it, if necessary)
Please do this IMPORTANT TEST: => Try playing any YOUTUBE video!

If that YOUTUBE does NOT play correctly either, the issue is your current INTERNET CONNECTION or something else unrelated to our video!

Finally, if you followed all the above items and still have issues with playing the online video: please EMAIL US (see link @ top right!) Please be specific: Mac or PC? On what internet connection (wifi?)? Followed all the above instructions? (Yes, every single one!) Which video?

We are happy to assist you, but BEFORE you contact us, please FIRST follow all the above instructions.
Chances are, it will already solve your issue. Really. ;)

And, frankly, we would basically ask you to follow the EXACT same steps we just lined out for you right here on this page.