If you try to buy a video from us, but our website's shopping cart asks you to fill in a STATE - but you live in a country where there are NO states (like DENMARK) or a country where states are not typically used/mentioned in addresses (like GERMANY):

please simply enter your CITY name again in the STATE field.
(Yes, the city name will then show up twice on the package - but that's ok.)

This way you can most likely complete your order.

NOTE: if you use PAYPAL and are NOT from the US:

*** TEMPORARY ISSUE for some Customers when trying to buy the DVD VERSION ***

If you use PAYPAL.
And you want to buy the DVD version. (It's fine for the online versions!)
And you live in a country where your PayPal account does NOT have a STATE field. (Like GERMANY or DENMARK)

=>  You may see a RED ERROR MESSAGE saying "Please specify your Billing State."

For now,  until our shopping cart company fixed this: the OPTIONS are:

* use one of our OTHER payment options (regular Credit Card... Amazon Payments...)

* or, if you have to use PayPal: you could paypal us the correct amount (INCL. SHIPPING & HANDLING, please) to this email address: fawiinc@gmail.com
And then please email us and tell us the shipping address and the video you want.

Sorry for the inconvenience! We are already working on this...