You registered for one of our live masterclasses. (Either as an EDGE member or having bought a single ticket.)

But now it doesn't seem to let you enter the live masterclass.

See here for a handy ATTENDEE CHECKLIST from our webinar technology provider:


FIX #1:

Copy your UNIQUE JOIN LINK (just below the blue button in the email you received) & paste it into a PRIVATE BROWSING WINDOW (aka INCOGNITO window in Chrome) in your browser!

FIX #2:

Please add these 3 websites as TRUSTED SITES to your web browser to avoid that your web browser blocks your access by mistake:

Add trusted sites to CHROME: Link

Add trusted sites to FIREFOX: Link

Add trusted sites to SAFARI: Link
Add trusted sites to MS EDGE: Link

Also, see PS for a list of troubleshooting tips from the company that provides the underlying technology for our live masterclasses (webinars).

Plus, see PPS for feedback from some of our customers - and how they solved certain issues!

NEXT: it could also be your FIREWALL Settings are blocking your access! 

More technical details  here (or also see PPS for example solutions!):

If all else fails: you could also directly contact the support of the company we use for this!
They are experts at this and will get it solved for you!
Either via the chat section @ DEMIO.COM or email them at
They are happy to troubleshoot & SOLVE this for you. (And they respond VERY quickly!)

PS: Response from our webinar technology provider:

A lot of the time the culprit is related to connectivity issues.

Live video broadcasts in general can be very demanding on connections and require a faster speed/device than typically needed for other internet-based services.

The speeds can even pass our test, but the upload on the bottom end of our minimum recommendations would cause such issues.

Sometimes, it's even the device (not enough local resources) that could be causing problems. Other times it could be a firewall.

As for some go-to suggestions though, here's a few that cover the most common issues:

i. closing additional applications

ii. using a wired connection

iii. clearing the cache (or using an incognito browser, as it can sometimes be conflicts with browser extensions too)

iv. restarting the browser entirely

v. clearing/checking the firewall (a bit more technical)

Also, to clear your web browser's history + cookies + cache:

FIREFOX: go to History/Clear Recent History

CHROME: go to Chrome/Clear Browsing Data

SAFARI: go to Safari/Clear History/Clear All History

=> Info for all browsers:'s-Cache

PPS: Further info on FIREWALL ISSUES:

Here is a scenario of a previous attendee with a firewall issue - and how he solved it:



I was sent a Link that doesn't establish a session. 

I’ve tried on 3 different devices and still get the same message:

The issue was my xFinity firewall. 

I changed from HIGH to LOW and it connects now.

I want to put this back on HIGH after the webinar so can you tell me which ports Demio sessions require?

I will make custom exclusions for JAZZHEAVEN.COM’s webinars but keep my security settings on HIGH.


I don’t have any other issues with connecting to other broadcasts, livestreams, movies streaming, or usenet connections with a HIGH firewall setting.

Our webinar provider (DEMIO) uses dynamic IP addresses. 
Please make sure to whitelist the below domains:




When it comes to the ports used by the Demio streaming service, our recommendations are as follows: 
Minimum: we require TCP port 443/8443 to be open. Some firewall/proxy rules only allow for SSL traffic over port 443. You will need to make sure that non-web traffic can also pass over this port.
Better: In addition to the minimum being met, we also recommend that UDP port 3478 is open.
Best: For the best possible experience, we recommend that UDP ports 1025 - 65535 be open.

FURTHER INFO FROM ATTENDEE (with his solution!):

The issue is on the gateway (affects all 3 devices previously tested) provided by xFinity (not a personal computer) 

so per your port suggestions, a custom set of exclusions solved the problem:


TCP port 443/8443
UDP ports 1025 - 65535


FROM A GERMAN ATTENDEE (with his solution!):

Choose/open up „Selbständige Portfreigabe“ for the router. (Mine is called Fritzbox.)