For our JazzHeaven LIVE Masterclasses:

If you bought access to ONE single live masterclass:

you will get an EMAIL right after purchase with the registration link. 

Please check your SPAM folder (or Gmail PROMOTIONS tab), if you don't see it.

This goes out to you automatically right after you purchase access to that specific live masterclass!

If you are a JazzHeaven EDGE member: 

Even if you are already a JazzHeaven EDGE member: you MUST register for each LIVE masterclass individually again!

(It will take two seconds.)

Live Masterclass Registration link can be found in the following places:

1) the initial EDGE login email references it (The email you receive right after joining EDGE.)

2) we send all EDGE members an EMAIL with a link to register with 1 click within a day BEFORE each live masterclass

(After clicking that link: you will then promptly receive an email with the actual (unique) JOIN LINK!
If you don't see that soon after clicking the registration link: please check your junk mail folder, just in case.)

3) "LIVE MASTERCLASS REGISTRATION" link at the bottom of each page on our website!

Which leads to our Live Masterclass REGISTRATION page.

Same thing: the registration info will be ready for you on that page within a day before the next live masterclass.
NOTE: You *must* be logged in & an active JazzHeaven EDGE member to be able to access that page!