To cancel your JazzHeaven EDGE TRIAL or JazzHeaven EDGE MEMBERSHIP:

* go to our CUSTOMER HUB at

* enter the email address you purchased with

* you will get an email which then lets you access our CUSTOMER HUB

Once inside the Customer Hub: 


* if you had chosen the EZ PAY option for Edge before: click on PAYMENT PLANS

* if you had chosen any other JazzHeaven Edge Membership: click on SUBSCRIPTIONS

From there you can quickly & easily cancel your JazzHeaven Edge Trial or recurring Membership!

(ANNUAL SUBSCRIPTIONS: as a current member, when you cancel, you will of course still have access to your EDGE membership until the end of your currently-paid-for period. But you will then *not* be billed again in the future.
And your access will expire at the end of the current 12-month period.)

You will also get a confirmation email, once you have successfully cancelled.

Other things you can do/see in our CUSTOMER HUB:

* update your information
* review purchases
* see your invoices
* review current, completed, and cancelled subscriptions
* review & UPDATE your personal/billing information ("UPDATE MY INFO" button)