If you are a GMAIL user, (if not, why not? ;), please read this:

The big G decided to change things around again.

How to make sure you receive all our future emails
(incl. ones where you BOUGHT a video from us!):

3 Quick & Easy Steps... Will take you 10 seconds!

STEP 1: Open your Gmail inbox and you will
probably see this layout at the TOP of your inbox:

Primary | Social | Promotions

Click on the "Promotions" tab so you can
see the list of emails there.

STEP 2: When you find an email from JAZZHEAVEN,
click on the subject line of the email and simply
DRAG & DROP the email into your "Primary" inbox (far left).

STEP 3: A little box will appear near the top
of your inbox reading, "The conversation has been moved to 'Primary'.
Do this for future messages from falk@jazzheaven.com? YES.
" Click on that "Yes"!

DONE. :)