To access your PDF/MP3 EXTRAS (ONLY if your video had any!):


On the MAIN PAGE for each course: you will find a link called COURSE MATERIALS, which leads to any PDFs/MP3s.

Only if your video had any, of course.

It's on the main page for each course, right above the list of all LESSONS of the course!

NOTE: you do NOT need a DROPBOX account to download the PDFs/MP3s.
Simply click on the DOWNLOAD button at the top right - and then on DIRECT DOWNLOAD.

PLEASE NOTE: the 24-HOUR online version does not come with PDFs/MP3s, as clearly stated on our website.

On the main DVD menu, you will find a button called EXTRAS (IF there are any Extras, that is...)
Once you click on that EXTRAS button/link, it will lead you to step-by-step instructions how to find them and to get them onto your computer!
(=> The DVD Main Menu appears automatically, after you insert the DVD, *and* after the artist gives his/her "please-don't copy-this-DVD 30-second speech.")