First of all:
The fulfillment company we use (which manufactures & ships our DVDs) ships our DVDs out within 2 BUSINESS days.
Pretty much like clockwork. ;)
So, even if you may have an issue with the tracking #: please still know that your DVD was indeed shipped within 2 business days after you ordered. Really.
(The fact that you are receiving the email with the tracking # confirms that this DVD how now been shipped out!)

Also, sometimes, if the package has just been shipped out: the tracking link exists already, but... it's too new for any actual tracking info to show... But it then starts showing details a day later, or so.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS = orders outside the USA:

Sadly, there is NO TRACKING option for those orders! ;(
Apologies, but it's simply not available... Just asked this in person at the post office here to confirm: nope, don't have that...

TEMPORARY GLITCH: you are getting an email with a tracking # - even for an international DVD order.
That tracking # then does NOT work (see explanation above). Please simply ignore that tracking #!
(We are already working on having that tracking # not even show up for international DVD orders, but so far our shopping cart company somehow can't remove that...)


If you want to track the DVD(s) you ordered:

Apologies, but this may be a little confusing/misleading.

If the tracking link does NOT work, HERE IS WHAT WORKS most of the time:

Put the tracking # you received into the site (and not the site!).
(USPS and UPS collaborate at times.)

This should (in most cases) show the real-time tracking info!