All our DVDs will play on Computers/TVs/DVD Players WORLDWIDE.

They are NOT set to a certain region only.

If you have trouble locating the PDFs and/or MP3s on the DVD: please CAREFULLY follow the instructions under the EXTRAS Menu on the DVD.
IF your DVD has Extras, there will be a button called EXTRAS showing up automatically, a few seconds after you play the DVD.

Once you click that button, you will see step-by-step instructions how to access the PDFs and/or MP3s (but only IF your video came with any!).

If the DVD looks strange on your TV: make sure you chose the most fitting setting (Wide, Zoom, etc.)
Otherwise, please watch it on your COMPUTER!

We did our best to optimize the video/DVD for as many devices and TV/DVD Player combinations as possible.

But: with the amount of devices available, and all of them having different specifications, it is literally impossible to cover them all.

If watching on a MAC: for best possible quality, in your DVD PLAYER application, go to VIEW/DEINTERLACE and try different quality settings.

If the DVD is stuck in your computer:

FOR MAC: Turn on your Mac and right after you press the power button, click & hold the mouse/trackpad.

The DVD should pop out within 30 seconds.

FOR PC: read this

Still trouble? Please email us (link at the top right!)

Please be as SPECIFIC as possible. (What was the specific issue? Tried to play on DVD or PC? Etc.)

We are happy to assist you, but before you contact us, please FIRST follow all the above instructions.

Chances are good, it will already solve your issue.