If you have an ANDROID mobile device and our mobile version will not play on it:

The SOLUTION seems to be: DOWNLOAD FIREFOX (or another browser, like OPERA) from the Google Store and select it; problem solved!

We DID initially test our videos on Android as well and it played fine.
So this appears to be related to more recent Android UPDATES.

In general: this looks like an overall Android issue - not just with *our* videos, but with YOUTUBE videos not playing in the default Android browser either.
See here: http://productforums.google.com/forum/m/#!topic/youtube/oSVKZSAKQEc
(And YouTube spends millions to be device-compatible...)

Again, please download the FIREFOX BROWSER from the Google Store and watch our videos from the Firefox browser, and that should do the trick!

We will investigate this further, though.