Please be patient! These are very BIG video files and they need a minute to load.
They will NOT play as instantly as when watching on a computer.

So, before you go “this is not working on my iPhone/iPad/Android, etc.!”: please give it some time.
It WILL work. ;)

It is NORMAL that the screen turns black until the play button loads.
It is also normal that, after you click the Play Button, it will take a little while for the video to load.

Please be patient! ;) It will play.

Also, you can unfortunately NOT jump to later places in the video right away (contrary to our regular web version).
The video needs to load first (before you can jump to a later part in the video).

Waited for a while and still have an issue? Please send us an email. (Link to your right!)
(Please be specific: What device? How long did you let it load? Which video? Etc.)

iPad 2 users: make sure you update your iOS to the latest version.
Connect your iPad to your computer. iTunes will open and guide you through the upgrade process.

We are happy to assist you, but before you contact us please FIRST follow all the above instructions.
Again, chances are, it will already solve your issue.