Some people have asked us:

Why do you not offer an option to own the ONLINE version forever (for 1 flat fee)?


Good news! It's coming - we now also offer a LIFETIME online version, at the same price as the DVD version. ($39.95)

And similarly: why can DVD purchasers not also have access to the online version forever?


We currently offer the 24-hour online version as a courtesy for free to our DVD customers.
(If you buy an instructional DVD from other instructional video companies.: none of them offers anything like that, to our knowledge.)

ALSO: we now offer purchasers of the 24-hour online version and DVD purchasers the option to get access to longer ONLINE versions at a steep discount - this automatically comes in an email a few days after you bought.

We wish we could give DVD purchasers access to the online version longer than 24 hours at no additional cost, but... we simply couldn't afford it. ;(
(On the other hand: once the DVD is received, the online version is really no longer very relevant/necessary for them.)

Those are large files and every time a viewer watches the video it costs a not insignificant amount of $ for hosting/streaming the videos.